Chartering & Ship Brokers :

Viewing vessels as a commodity, rather than an overhead, allows our Company to customize voyages around specific cargoes – matching the right ship to the available cargo. Of concern is what are the ship requirements and then safe movement of cargo. Pride is found not only in the maintenance of a vessel’s schedule, but also in the preservation of a cargo’s or a project’s schedule. The adoption of this approach has allowed us to establish a flexibility of service that allows a project cargo to move in multiple parcels and also in a single large lot as required.

For example, the itinerary of each voyage is only determined when the cargo volumes are known. This allows us to construct itineraries that insure time sensitive cargoes when needed. It also provides a greater utilization of each vessel than what would have been achieved by arbitrarily assigning cargo to pre-scheduled vessel.

The chartering department entails experienced and dedicated staff in chartering, projects and operations.